domingo, 23 de novembro de 2014



WES creates reality. An Alternative reality a possible or feasible one. 

We can believe that we are seing in the canvas before our eyes are true and happened in the past. 

This reality are so true as any other. 

To do this, Wess make use the classic reference (in the figure pose and settings) and the "play" with the ancient and modern-contemporary approach (modern men in a classic landscape) this bring to the theme and to art history, new strenght and deep meanings. Also came up questions of gender/patriarchy/tolerance/ and violence among others. 

The art work of Wess, are aesthetic beauty, showed by the modern young men on classical settings. This trick creates reazonable doubt in our mind, set in seeds on the fertile soil, and we begin to think: could this image really existed? What diferences have between Straight people and gay people? None! Both are human being, with desires, dream, and fate. 

Wess show gay peple in the same "landascape" in times gone by occupied by other men. He puts and solves the question! 

I LOVE the work of Wess Hempel, because it make me think.

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