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Roberto Ferri

Melodia Fatale, Olio su tela 130x90cm, by Roberto Ferri

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Roberto Ferri

Roberto Ferri born in Taranto, costal city in souther Iraly, in1978. 

He is an italian artist and painter from 

Taranto is a coastal city in Apulia southern Italy. It is the capital of the province of Taranto and a greate harbour. 

Roberto Ferri is deeply inspired by baroque painters (Caravaggio in particular) and other old masters of the Romanticism, the Symbolism and Academicism como David, Ingres, Girodet, Gericault, Gleyre, Bouguereau, Moreau, Redon, Rops among others
In 1996, he graduated from the Liceo Artistico Lisippo Taranto, a local art school in his hometown. He began to study painting on his own and moved to Rome in 1999 to Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma, to increase research on ancient paintings, beginning at the end of the 16th century In particular to 1800.
In 2006, he graduated with honors from the Accademia di Belle Arti, Rome.
His work is represented in important private collections in Rome, Milan, London, Paris, New York, Madrid, Barcelona, Miami, San Antonio (Texas), Qatar, Dublin, Boston, Malta, and the Castle of Menerbes in Provence. His work was featured in the controversial Italian pavilion of the Venice Biennale 2011, and has exhibited at Palazzo Cini, Venice in the Kitsch Biennale 2010.

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