sábado, 6 de fevereiro de 2010


Mole Beach
As everybody known here in Brazil, the Floripa beach is the "backyard" of all "gaúchos"... This happens 'cause the island is really magic and one of the most beautiful place in south region in the country and. To me Floripa is better and beautiful than Rio de janeiro. Its charm is in the size os the city, the well preserved natural resouces and beauty and the people.
I spend every vacation here in Floripa in the last 20 years, not because is the place nearer my own town (Porto Alegre) but 'cause I love the beaty of this city, the simplicity of the people, the colonial architeture, the parties. I love so much the natural beauty of the Mata Atlântica (as a Biologist), the mountains that reveal the record os separation the American continent of the Africa, the beauty color of granite, and manly the "hot" sunny days at the beach.

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