domingo, 21 de fevereiro de 2010


The dune's biodiversity

Even in an environment where the temperature reach easily at 40°C, and the salinity is hight (like costal sand dunes), there are many plant and animal species. The dune grassland supports a good range of characteristic dune plants and includes one species of orchid and one species of Melastomataceae (Tibouchina spp.?) with dark-violet flowers (a colonizing plant species), some bee polinating orchid and like-marsh fritillary butterflies, some species of flies, and various species of wasps, birds and spiders.
The root of grass help the dune stay in place (became fixed dune).
In wet depressions between dune ridges, the rain water accumulates and form many polls (water reservoir) very important to community that stablish in the dunes.

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